Letter: Evidence proves Earhart’s capture

The Lima News recently published a Chicago Tribune editorial that suggested that because a photograph the History Channel believed portrayed Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, during their captivity by the Japanese had been debunked, we should disregard the belief Earhart was captured by the Japanese.

But the July 9 History Channel documentary also revealed a secret US government report acknowledging Earhart was a prisoner of the Japanese. The documentary corroborated this revelation with eyewitness accounts by natives who interacted with the captured Americans, with the accounts of US Marines who were instructed to dig up Earhart’s remains that were buried on Saipan and with a a statement by General Alexander Vendegrift, commandant of the Marine corps when Saipan was liberated in 1944, who acknowledged Earhart “perished” on Saipan during the Japanese occupation of this island.

Forget about the controversial photograph. There is plenty of other credible evidence Earhart and Noonan were captured by the Japanese.

Joel Freedman, Canandaigua, New York

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