Letter: Made in America and proud of it

Approximately 12.4 million Americans work in manufacturing, up by nearly a million from early 2010, but unfortunately still down by more than six million jobs from 1980. We can do better. We can make American stronger by making more products in America.

We can continue to rebuild Ohio’s and the country’s manufacturing sector, but it will take a shared commitment between suppliers, retailers and consumers. Companies like Walmart have made it a priority to support U.S. made products and suppliers like our company, 50 Strong, and recently took the production of 5 million bottles away from China and brought it to Ohio. They should be commended and other retailers should follow suit.

We are proud to represent the Made in America movement in west central Ohio. We’re committed to supporting a skilled workforce, creating jobs and keeping our facility in Lima and hope that other companies continue down this path. We encourage consumers to regularly look at where products are made and make that part of their shopping habits, before purchasing. When given the option, chose the American made brand. It’s more than just a purchase. You’re helping create jobs and build communities and ultimately make America stronger.

Ashley Thompson, Lima

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