Letter: Helpful young folks make my day

I take pen in hand to thank the lady that paid for my groceries at Meijer about 4 p.m. on May 25th. For health reasons I always use an electric shopping cart. She unloaded my groceries to the belt and then returned the bagged groceries to the cart and she was gone! I appreciated the assistance but was shocked when I learned she had also paid for my groceries. I will “pay it forward” to return the favor.

On another occasion, a friendly couple was in line in front of me. He unloaded my cart and before leaving, he handed me a candy bar with a smile stating, “I always treat nice, friendly, young ladies with candy.” He could plainly see I wasn’t “young”. I thanked him and told him that I would share it with my husband who was waiting in the car.

We often see and hear negative reports about the younger generation, so I wanted to be sure to lift up these two examples of kind, giving and helpful young folks that are out there! I appreciate their kindness and wish them all of God’s blessings!

Doris Simon,


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