Letter: He who does not work, shall not eat

Today’s big issue—Obamacare—passed by a Democratic Congress which they admitted passing before reading it entirely. Affordable? No! Many other negatives. Who benefited most? The subsidized, so you and me (the taxpayers) pay for them and also for ourselves.

We had Medicaid to help the really needy, which I think we should do but complete government control is not the answer.

If you think government control is the answer, then make healthcare the exact same for all, from the president, Congress, rich, poor all the way down to the homeless; and everyone waits their turn for the same medical condition. You couldn’t buy in ahead of someone’s priority just because you had the money or thought you were more important. This could lead to euthanasia without passing another bill, and we could be like some other countries who have free education, free health care, but also the highest suicide rate!

II thess: 3:10 (Living Bible) “He who does not work, shall not eat.” I know many do not believe in God and His word—the Bible. That’s your choice. Everything goes to choices.

My choice! Time for term limits for Congress. People like Pelosi, Schumer, McCain, Hatch and many others have lived off the taxpayers and want to control our lives, they should go!!

As a 93 year old I remember when a family played together, ate together, and prayed together. Oh for the good old days!

Elnora Stratton, Bluffton

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