Letter: Don’t change rules on wind turbines

Ohioans should know there are many issues with wind turbines facing its rural citizens.

Those few who have leased their land affect all of those living in rural communities. According the United States Department of Agriculture, wind energy companies state there are 2,247 people who have leased their ground while Ohio’s rural population is 2.36 million. Full ownership farms are shown at 52,168; and individual families, sole proprietorship farms at 70,890,

The thousands of other rural residents would lose property rights should a wind turbine setback be reduced. There is a buffer zone, or safety zone around each wind turbine (1,300 feet). In those areas there is restricted usage, no buildings can be built or trees planted, etc.

The reduced setback changes would allow wind companies to encroach on my property without my permission or compensation should the turbine be placed near my property line. This would limit the use of my property and violate my property rights!

Add to the fact that wind turbines have noise issues, flicker caused from turning blades, loss of property values, loss of quality of life, health problems, environmental problems, stray voltage, sheared wind turbine blades, even fire hazards, causing health and safety issues for those who live nearby.

Ohio’s setbacks are not the most restrictive. More and more states are setting larger setbacks for health and safety reasons including areas of Indiana, Michigan and Illinois.

Ohio’s turbine setback should not be reduced, it should be increased. Our lawmakers should place the health and safety of its rural citizens above uncertain monetary gain.

Jeannine Roediger, Van Wert

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