Letter: Lot’s of talk, little done

The tree removal project only confirms our doubt as to the ability of the state to manage projects at Grand Lake St. Marys. There seems to have been no definitive time line or funding for the project. The State Park Manager states: “It will take a long time(?) before the project is completed … hopefully we see some help from Columbus eventually.”


What was the original time line for the project and what resources were going to be used to complete the job in a timely manner?

Who’s in charge?

How can the state post health advisories at GLSM for 10 years without any measurable and verifiable improvement(s) in the restoration of GLSM. The state and all the other “partners” have had over 10 years to make this propaganda statement to go away: “It took a long time to get this way, it will take a long time to fix!”

Let’s hang some meat on those bones. How much longer? Who is really in charge of the restoration of GLSM? How is he or she doing?

Bill Ringo, St. Marys

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