Letter: Grindrod column brings back memories

What a wonderful column John Grinrod wrote about the summer playground program.

Memories came flooding back about my friends Janet Schimpf, Joan Heidenescher, Jackie Boerger, and I getting on our bikes and riding to Robb Park for the activities. What fun we had passing the day there.

Also the summer reading program was a favorite. At that time we went to Irving School which is now Independence. You were rewarded for completing so many books. But the reward was just having the books available to read.

Another project was singing in the choir for the daily masses at St. Gerard’s. Getting up early and walking to church with the dew still on the grass from day break. A trip to Cedar Point was presented to us at the end of summer for participating.

And last but not least the swims at Schnoover Pool. The island, the snack bar, the cold shower to enter, the lifeguards you looked up to. It was great!

Drugs or guns were never thought of. It was summertime with your friends and mentors to guide you through. Those were the days my friends.

Cynthia (Sciranka) McCluer, Lima

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