Letter: ‘Plaza Suite’ an Encore treat

Encore Theater’s current offering, “Plaza Suite,” is a fantastic tour de force of local talent in both its casting and direction. Friday’s opening night crowd laughed out loud to the point of reaching a level of audience participation. Having seen many of Encore’s productions, I do not remember the last time a show brought so much reaction from an audience. And the reactions and laughter were warranted due to the actors working their characters and dialog to a side-splitting fever pitch.

The cast is smaller than you may expect, as a number of actors do double and even triple duty in playing various roles. While this is not uncommon in smaller roles, seeing the actors re-emerge throughout the three acts to take on different characters adds to the fun, and you can hear the realization of the dual role casting throughout the audience as the scenes change.

Whether you have visited the “Plaza Suite” before or this is your first time, I believe you will find this version by this cast to be a special treat. The show runs May 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th & 21st.

Thank you to everyone at Encore Theater for such a fun evening. I definitely enjoyed my stay!

Jim Patton, Elida

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