Letter: Electoral College needs revamped

During the 2016 presidential election I was not 100 percent for Hillary Clinton, but was 100 percent against Donald Trump.

As it turned out, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the American majority vote by 2.9 million votes nationwide. These people are not being represented. Astounding!

However, as we know, Trump won the election because of our constitutional Electoral College by receiving 306 votes against Clinton’s 232 votes. During his campaign Trump said he would abolish the Electoral College because it was a scam. He changed his mind by saying that he didn’t originally understand it but now thinks it is “a genius plan.”

After this I became obsessed with trying to understand the working of this cumbersome election system. I attended an informative talk by Dr. Robert M. Alexander of Ohio Northern University, who is a professor of political science. The talk was held at the Allen County Historical Museum on Jan. 29.

The Electoral College was originally formed to “guard against the tyranny of the majority.” The founding fathers thought this would help give the smaller rural areas better representative over the larger industrial states in what, at that time, was a young nation. But I say that in today’s world every vote should count regardless where you live. This is not the Divided State of America but the United States of America.

I firmly believe that guarding against the tyranny of the majority should be saved for issues that relate to race, religion, and sexual orientation. That’s why we have a Supreme Court to help resolve these matters and protect any injured group. It isn’t always wise to have the majority of people voting on minority issues.

I believe the Electoral College should be either reformed or eliminated.

Richard Nichols, Lima

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