Letter: Berger sees the bigger picture

Mayor David Berger led a delegation from Lima City to Varanasi, India, this past January. He was heading a delegation of nine people. The delegation consisted of representatives of Bluffton and Ohio Northern universities and Apollo Career Center as well as professors and doctors. They met their counterparts at Varanasi and held delegation level talks.

Mayor Berger developed personal relationships with scholars, artists, businessmen and political leaders. There are many Memoranda of Understandings under negotiation. We are waiting for a delegation from Varanasi to visit us. Mayor Berger is working to develop a Sister City Relationship between the two cities that may add some economic activity in Lima.

Mayor David Berger is a good and honest man.

We are hoping he will be reelected and there will be a strong Sister City project leading to friendship of people of Lima with citizens of Varanasi, India.

Susan Kumar Mishr MD

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