Letter: They should follow their rules

Derry Glenn is my councilman and he stood me up for an appointment we had early in the school year in 2015. He made this appointment with me so he could see the issue I had with dogs roaming around in the neighborhood while I went to my granddaughter’s bus stop which was Kibby at Heindle . These dogs were not leashed, were not tethered and were not enclosed in a fence.

Backstory: We were attacked by pit bull puppies on May 13, 2014, in our next door neighbor’s yard around 7 a.m.on the way to her bus stop. I shared this information with City Council at a meeting later that fall . How can he expect to be mayor of Lima if he cannot keep an appointment with a grandmother in need?

Keith Cheney did not obey his own rule. I was fortunate enough to go to see “Motown in the Downtown” on May 3, 2013, at Memorial Hall and saw Keith Cheney. He was at a table that was between ours and the stage. An unknown, unfamiliar woman stated to him that he told her husband “not to drink in public.” It was very obvious to me that evening that he had been drinking. I saw it with my own eyes! He was asked firmly, but politely, to not block our view of the stage but he as well as several of his tablemates continued to block our view. How can he expect to be elected mayor of Lima if he does not obey his own rule?

Jean Drexler, Lima

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