Letter: Ideas sound good, until you dig deeper

I have concerns about two issues affecting education in Ohio. The first involves Matt Huffman’s bill advocating for private and charter schools. Considering his long family history with Lima’s Catholic schools and the fine job they do, I can see where he is coming from. However, until private schools and charter schools are held to the same standards as public schools, do we really want our tax money supporting them?

My second concern is about Gov. Kasich’s plan to put teachers in businesses and companies, so they can gain on site experience. He is concerned that too many students are being prepared for expensive college degree instead of “real world” jobs. I agree with this assessment, but if he asked teachers he would find that many already have such experience from jobs during college, as a second job to add to their teacher pay, or working summers for the same reason. Plus, they are not the ones setting the curriculum that forces students to take college prep classes.

Perhaps our governor should check with the people who do make such demands.

A retired, irritated teacher.

Sue Bennett, Lima

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