Letter: Bathroom debate brought out the worst in people

It was very interesting to read the thoughts of two parties in their letters to the editors recently. I carefully reread what I had written and then their replies and have been mulling over this reply.

I still stand by my opinion and beliefs, as apparently they still do. This issue needs to be resolved somehow. I do agree that anyone needs to be treated kindly, I just don’t like what some do but can treat them with respect. What is your solution? What is being suggested will not fly for the rest of us.

What does Fox News and the Republicans have to do with the issue? So they are bigots? Interesting! Was there any mention to demonize any Democrat or any liberal news station, as it seemed was done in their thoughts? Talk about bigots. Don’t politicize this issue, as politics has nothing to do with this, nor parents taking their children to afterschool religious programs of their choice. They are off school property. That is their right to do this and is none of anyone’s business.

So the Republicans and Fox News are the only ones responsible? What a bizarre idea. Who has been in the White House these past 10 years? It seems the media is only telling what fits their idology. Yes, I have listened to them all to form an opinion. So don’t think I am uninformed.

I am truly sorry the school board meeting was vitrolic, as nothing is accomplished in this way, and no compromise can or will be reached. However strong opinions were aired and the school board informed as you were. I continue to believe their own separate bathrooms is the solution but know this is a highly emotional problem. Just please do not force your behavior on us as it feels like it is being done. Of course we will resist.

I don’t like what I am hearing from any camp. The question is, are we getting better off in the direction we are going with big government limiting our freedoms? The country is deeper in debt with innocent children being killed at school, more crime and taxes are going up but it seems those are issues for another day.

Frances Strayer



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