Letter: Blame gun problems, not mental illness

Former President Donald Trump opened up a can of worms again on a CNN open forum with outlandish statements regarding the election results, stopping the war in Ukraine in 24 hours and restoring economic stability with no inflation. The overall kicker was his remark about gun violence being caused by mental illness instead of guns!

It is sad that we have a former president, who has been guilty of all kinds of unethical dealings, blaming our tragic spike in mass shootings this year on mental illness rather than guns.

Does this nation have an excess of mental illness over all the other civilized countries of the world? Let me share some statistics:

Last year the United States had 40 times more gun fatalities than the United Kingdom. Was this because of mental illness?

Japan had less than 10 gun deaths, while we had over 40,000 last year. Is this caused by mental illness here?

Finally, check all the European counties compared to American deaths by suicide each year, and tell me this is because we have an excessive amount of mental illness!

The stark reality is that the United States has more than 400 million guns floating around and more being sold at flea markets and gun shops every day, while all the other civilized nations of the world have strict gun laws which prohibit gun violence. Why is it that our representatives in government cannot understand that we have a violent gun epidemic in this nation that may ultimately cause mental illness in young children?

Carl D. Liechty



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