Letter: Don’t believe everything you see on Fox News

Let me get this straight. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy gives more than 40,000 hours of video from Jan. 6 to Fox News host Tucker Carlson — and only to Tucker Carlson. Not to PBS or NPR or CBS or any other network — nor to the public at large. Amazing!

Carlson, as we all knew he would, edits out all of the violence, much of which we saw live on TV on that day, and shows only the lovely peaceful scenes, in an effort to convince his viewers that it was not an insurrection at all, that only a small number were violent, etc.

Who in the world would believe Carlson’s version? Apparently our own Mark Figley (“Footage shows truth about Jan. 6’s events,” Lima News, March 22) is one of them.


Jim Cox

Van Wert


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