Letter: Republicans two-faced on congressional budget

In today’s news cycle, there is much to write about, and perhaps the Tyre Nichols story is the most important. A letter to the editor does not give justice to that circumstance, so I will focus on the debate over the congressional budget.

First, let’s all agree that not much was mentioned about government spending during the previous administration, and perhaps that is because Republican focus was centered on defending the past president in local, state and federal courts.

When asked repeatedly about specifics to budget cuts, Republicans remain silent, likely because the areas of greatest cost to the government are defense, healthcare and Social Security. Anything else would have minor impacts.

So for you that applaud the dealings of today’s Republican Party, think deeply about the forest being destroyed, but the trees keep voting for the axe. The axe is clever and has convinced the trees that because the axe handle is made of wood, the axe is one of them.

Charles L. Thomas



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