Letter: Events show courteous people still out there

Recently my granddaughter made the comment there are no thoughtful people anymore. She said this because she was carrying her baby and two heavy satchels through the Colonial laundromat door. A 30-ish man rushed right past her, almost bumping into them.

I want to say she is wrong about everyone. The other day, I was holding a large box, attempting to get into the UPS Store. Ryan was looking out the store window. He saw me struggling to step up on the curb with the box. Ryan rushed out of the store and carried my box inside.

Another gentleman told me to go ahead of him and not wait in line. After the clerk completed my transaction, Ryan opened the door and offered his arm to take me to my car.

Granddaughter, there are some very thoughtful people, especially if you are recovering from hip surgery and are 90 years of age, as I am.

Margaret Cleaves



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