Letter: Memphis beating by police shows boundless depravity

Several Black former police officers in Memphis have proven that white police officers do not have a monopoly on depravity. Watching the video of police beating Tyre Nichols is sad and sickening beyond description.

Yelling obscenity-laden commands at him which were impossible to understand or obey due to their confliction. Telling him to get on the ground while he was already on the ground. Ordering him to show his hands while another police officer held his hands.

Then, after this vicious beating, instead of getting medical attention for him, they decided a cigarette smoke break was in order, while bragging to each other about what they had done to him. One officer boasted about the “haymaker” he had delivered to Nichols.

Hopefully these former police officers will be found guilty as charged and receive many years of prison time to think about what they did. Thank goodness for cameras, if it were not for them, all of us know how this story would have ended.

Somewhere today in America, a police officer will save someone’s life by administering Narcan. Another police officer will deliver a baby by a roadside because the parent could not get to a hospital in time. You will not hear about these incidents because, in the words of esteemed journalist, Walter Cronkite, “It’s the cat up the tree that makes the news.”

Victor Arnett



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