Letter: Research shows no one’s taking your gas stove

No, Joe Biden is not coming for your gas stove.

Once again Republicans are stoking fear. They are jumping on the possible banning of gas stoves. A simple comment by Richard Trumka has given the GOP extremists another fake talking point.

Gas stoves actually are a concern for children with asthma, but there is no plan to force us to remove them from our homes. If the government were really concerned about our health, they would have banned cigarettes and passed a single-payer healthcare plan.

As Jim Jordan so nicely put it, the government should not be telling Americans how to cook their food. Interesting, because they are telling women how to manage their bodies, thanks to the stacked conservative Supreme Court.

Do some research, and get the truth about these claims. Don’t depend on Fox News or the Freedom Caucus to keep you informed.

Sherri Eley



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