Letter: Unite to stop introduction of Satan Clubs to schools

Have you heard about the latest outrage happening in some Ohio schools (and other states also)? Well-planned and funded “Satan Clubs” are using constitutional rights to demand equal time for after-school or released time activities. Christian groups such as LifeWise are presently organized in Elida and Pandora-Gilboa schools. No Satan groups there!

Surprised? Outraged? Skeptical? Don’t stop reading! After-school Satan Clubs are here and very active. A quick check on the internet reveals that some Ohio districts are forced to allow these organizations to be established. So far none are known to be organized in Northwest Ohio. Such demonic clubs are said to be active in elementary schools in Utah. California, Washington, Illinois, Oregon and possibly other states as well.

The movement is being orchestrated from the Satanic Temple, located in Salem, Massachusetts. They plan to organize after-school Satan Clubs in every school district that has a Christian club. They can do so legally because in 2001 the Supreme Court ruled elementary schools could not stop evangelical Good News Clubs from hosting after-school programs. Therefore, school districts are legally compelled to let Satan Clubs into their districts.

Presently the organization boasts over 700,000 members. Kids who enroll are given a membership card from the Satanic Temple, featuring a goat — Satan’s counterfeit of Jesus, “The Lamb” — and a five-point star to replace the Christian cross.

Leading the fight to end this evil plan is Martin Mawyer, president of the Christian Action Network. The Washington Post says the Satanic Temple is “determined to give young students a choice: Jesus or Satan.” Let’s unite to stop this insanity! Contact the governor!

Lloyd Harnishfeger



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