Letter: Blame mishandled docs on whoever moved them

All of this complaining about President Donald Trump and Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Mike Pence mishandling of classified documents is just not the case.

Trump, Biden and Pence didn’t load their cars up with documents and take them home and put them in their garage or home. Someone that works for them did this. It’s someone who is figuring that they are going to be unemployed soon, so why would they concern themselves with being thorough?

I remember when President Jimmy Carter in the 1970s was seen carrying his own luggage to Air Force One. My father said, “The President shouldn’t have to be carrying his own luggage! Someone should be doing that for him!”

Transitioning administrations need to be handled differently. The president and the vice president have numerous people who work for them in all kinds of positions. The people who moved these documents have not served them well at all.

Jeffrey Perine