Letter: Legal system should review Wine conviction

I just finished reading the book “The Strange Case of Dr. Wine” by Brice Brenneman. The old saying that justice is blind is certainly true in this case.

Wine was accused by his mother-in-law of sexually assaulting her while Doug’s 13-year-old son slept right next to her. She claimed she screamed multiple times during the “assault.” Neither the son nor any of the five people or three dogs in the house that night heard anything. This is impossible.

The mother-in-law fabricated this story to make Dr. Wine pay for what she thought was him hitting his daughter. Her story has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese. Dr. Wine was subjected to over four hours of polygraph examination that the examiner kept trying to get him to confess to something he didn’t do.

So the prosecution was based on a bogus polygraph report, and he was predetermined to be guilty. This case should never have reached the trial stage.

Go to eBay and buy this book, and then decide for yourself about this completely mishandled case.

Maybe someone in the legal system will review the case and set the record straight.

Leslie Long



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