Letter: Trying to help woman who helped his mother

On Dec. 4, a healthcare worker died in a car crash on I-75, as reported by the Toledo Blade and other media. Brandy Houghtalling was 34 years old and a mother of three children.

Brandy was my mother’s caregiver. Many of us will reach older age and become vulnerable. We’ll wish for compassionate care — advocacy and protection — when we can’t protect ourselves. Living in assisted living, skilled nursing or home, we would be blessed to have a caregiver like Brandy. Here’s a simple but profound example.

One morning at home, I overheard something I wish everyone could experience. From the next room, I heard Brandy and Drema (caregivers) earnestly discussing ideas for my mother’s care. We’ve all seen pundits on TV discussing sports or politics. Suppose that lively discussion was on how to spend the week providing the best care for your loved ones. I felt valued and fortunate.

Given a disability where we cannot communicate through any means — or sit up in a bed by ourselves — how would we proceed if we were alone that day? We would be blessed to have a caregiver like Brandy.

There is a GoFundMe page for Brandy: bit.ly/3Pd6mdB.

Mike Salerno



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