Letter: Cheating in elections probably not limited to one side

Former president Donald Trump opened up a can of worms when he refused to accept the election results in his second bid for the presidency. His inability to accept the fact that he lost by more than seven million popular votes caused millions of Americans to question our democratic system of election. We have spent the past two years in a prolonged period of mistrust, with accusations of computer fraud, dead people voting, election headquarters being manipulated and a host of complaints which has raised fears that our entire system of governing is broken. The question that never gets answered is, who is doing the cheating?

I wonder why would anyone think that only Democrats are guilty of fraud. It stands to reason that there are nefarious people on both sides in a democratic form of government who will cheat! Ever wonder how many wealthy Republicans will vote by mail up north then go down south to their condo and vote again with their Florida driver’s license or think of those who own a host of properties with the ability to vote multiple times? How many Republicans might vote for a dead person in their family? How could a former president be so ignorant as to believe only Democrats cheat? Of course, it is true that in a democratic form of government we will have people on both sides who will try to cheat, but that is no reason to scrap the whole system of one person one vote which has worked very well for over two hundred years.

It is sad that we have a former president, who has been guilty of all kinds of unethical dealings, using our election system as a means of trying to cause panic much like the wily serpent in the Garden of Eden who caused the original sin affecting all of us. If the leader of MAGA Republicans decides to run again it will be the same old. “What goes around comes around,” but this time I predict he will lose by more than 10 million votes.

Carl D. Liechty



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