Letter: Domestic Relations Court’s attack on families

The attack on noble Christian families by the Domestic Relations Court in Lima happens to hundreds of families a year.

After witnessing firsthand the unnatural tyranny and oppression that families are put through, I can honestly say, “There is no honor in that place. The only thing still intact there is a circus.”

When normal families push through the corruption of which Children Services is involved in the area, they will inevitably journey through the local Domestic Relations Civil Court to sort out simple situations with step-children, visitation, etc.

Immediately the judge will order the division of one spouse from accompanying the other spouse in court, separating the husband and wife. The spouse involved is auto-denied any family support. The judge, who has zero skills in family counseling and zero shared values with noble Christians, will lecture and impose their own feminist or self-righteous beliefs. Yes, a form of terror to families.

What a disgusting mockery of real values that hundreds of families are forced to endure! And this kind of active deviancy leads to only unjust judgments! With absolutely no honor left in that place, it’s nothing but a circus.

Vote to protect your families, Lima! Get the pagan, oppressing tyrant imposters out of authority!

Richard L. Warren


Editor’s note: This letter was written by Richard L. Warren, of Lima, and not by retired judge and current magistrate Richard K. Warren, also of Lima.


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