Letter: Donation helps fund minority officer program

As a member of Lima City Council, the majority of my day is hearing about what is wrong with our community. When my phone rings, 90% of the time it is about a problem that demands my immediate attention. The majority of the notifications I receive from email and text messages all have the same theme: Something is wrong and needs to be set right.

It is because of the overwhelming number of urgent negative requests that I feel an equal obligation to turn my attention toward the things that are “right” going on daily in our city.

As we strive to make Lima a place where residents feel equity is a priority, I’d like to thank Jerome O’Neal and the committee of the Community Enrichment Dinner for their generous donation toward the Chief William K. Davenport Minority Police Officer Scholarship Fund.

This $1,200 donation does much more than allow a potential young person of color to step closer to their dream of being a law enforcement officer; it is an additional source of support and encouragement for them to make a decision that will directly impact the lives of their family, friends and community.

All city offices must reflect the makeup of our city to assure every voice is heard, understood and acknowledged.

We must all follow in the steps of organizations like the Community Enrichment Dinner committee, finding ways to pull ourselves into the realm of investing into our own community to initiate and generate the strength we need to become the Lima we want to call home.

Their annual event is an impactful reminder of the rich resources we have within our own city, and their monetary gifts infuse those actions that have been determined to strengthen those resources desperately needed in the hills still left to climb.

Derry Glenn



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