Letter: Was justice denied regarding Dr. Wine?

After reading a book by Brice Brenneman entitled “The Strange Case of Dr. Wine,” I felt I should send a letter hoping that people begin to speak up for a man I have never met who was sent to prison and is labeled a sex offender for a crime that he never committed.

Perhaps someone with legal expertise will feel this should be explored and know methods to right several wrongs in the trial. The book mentions errors in decisions and actions by many people including the judge, the sheriff, the prosecution and the Defense.

In conclusion, you may purchase the book from this link, dougwineisinnocent.wordpress.com. The only person I know involved is friend Brice Brenneman, a person of unquestionable ethics, character and intelligence. Even though I have never met Dr.Wine, I wanted to write this letter hoping to help him get the justice that he deserves.

Bob Clark



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