Letter: Heed wise words from the driver’s ed teacher

Many years ago, as a junior at Lima Senior High School, I took a driver’s education class. The instructor, Nelson Lauless, emphasized defensive driving.

In the last 65 years, I have witnessed driving habits in several parts of the country, and they have become so aggressive that the phrase “road rage” had to be coined to describe them. I have never forgotten two quotes Mr. Lauless used many times:

1. “An accident is always the fault of the person who had the last clear chance to avoid it.” (I witnessed an example of this once in Chattanooga, Tennessee.)

2. “It’s poor consolation to look up from a hospital bed and say, ‘I had the right-of-way.’”

Let us all emulate these wise words from Mr. Lauless.

Glenn Swygart

Winchester, Tenn.


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