Letter: Vance’s statements are cause for concern

Prior to surrendering his conscience to MAGA, J.D. Vance labeled Trump noxious, reprehensible and an idiot. He then underwent an epiphany of biblical proportions. He licked his finger, held it to the wind and decided Ohio constituents might just be ignorant enough to elect him. This is a Vance quote, “We are whether we like it or not, the party of lower income, lower education white people.”

JD Vance has called rape “inconvenient.” I can assure Mr. Vance that women do not view rape as a mere inconvenience.If more women were elected to Congress, rapists, child molesters would be deservedly castrated.

Another gem from Vance, “I gotta be honest with you, I really don’t care what happens in Ukraine.” Spoken like a Trump bootlicker, those who staged a coup to vanquish democracy here are wholly dismissive of those dying to preserve the same in Ukraine.

Vance also believes women should stay in abusive violent marriages. Children cowering in closets or sustaining injury trying to protect mom from dad are an acceptable price to pay.

The Cincinnati Enquirer wrote, “If Vance is willing to undermine his own integrity and character for public office, imagine what he might do if he were a U.S. senator.” I fear whatever it took to remain in office.

Marilyn Mackey



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