Letter: Don’t penalize business for doing a good job

Do you remember the story of the Little Red Hen? The Little Red Hen asked the other barn animals to help her plant, weed and harvest her wheat. Nobody wanted to help, but they all came running when they smelled the bread baking.

So many people today complain about companies making a profit, but they don’t want to risk their money to buy stock in those companies.

Now we have President Joe Biden calling on an extra tax on “excess” profits. Who determines what is excess? There is no excess! The profit of a company goes to those who gave their time, treasury and talent to that company. The workers gave their time, the stockholders gave their treasury, and the company executives gave their talent to lead the company in a profitable manner. All of those people will pay taxes on their paychecks, dividend checks and bonus money.

What if the government applied that same logic to farmers? Should a farmer be penalized if a crop brings in a larger than normal yield?

Paul F. Janning



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