Letter: Putnam Council on Aging helps when it’s most needed

The Putnam County Council on Aging is a blessing for our county and a great resource. They provide exceptional services for the older adult residents of our county.

Since I am blind and do not drive, I rely on them primarily for delivering my groceries. I am fortunate because I have supportive family, friends and neighbors who help me out. However, they can’t be there 100% of the time, since they are busy with their own life, work and family responsibilities. Therefore, the Council on Aging is there to fill in.

They give me my independence, without feeling like I am a burden to others. By using their services, this is one less task my family needs to worry about.

So not only does the agency’s services benefit me, they also benefit my family and the community. My loved ones know I am in good hands, and there is a trusted organization to lend a helping hand.

For me, it’s easy to use the Council on Aging’s services because their staff are wonderful and uplifting! They are caring and compassionate individuals providing a valuable service. The Council on Aging is a part of my extended family.

This is why I am asking Putnam County voters to please vote YES on Nov. 8 for the Council’s Senior Services Levy. I understand that no one wants their property taxes to go up, but the increase is minimal and the need is great. The services offered by the Council on Aging is definitely a good use of taxpayer dollars.

LaDonna Elwer



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