Letter: Democrats getting what they wished for

And it came to pass that the Dems received their hearts’ desire: Super gas prices, through the roof food costs, along with millions of illegals over the Southern border. Food, shelter, medical care along with money, telephones and access to our learning institutions, again, free of charge for illegals.

Chinese buying thousands thousands of acres of prime farmland, along with thousands of Chinese companies gaining a stronghold on our economy. The ownership of land or business by Americans in China is strictly forbidden. How about the purchase of a couple of hundred acres the PLA made within 20 minutes of that highly sensitive classified drone base in North Dakota?

Thirteen military personnel died by bomb detonation resulting from the foolish withdrawal from Afghanistan. As the bodies of our deceased heroes were unloaded from the plane, Biden was observed looking at his watch.

Drug overdoses top 100,000 per year in the United States, compliments of our open Southern border and five-deferments Joe.

Why would anyone sign up for the military to defend the party in power, who completely destroyed our nation in less than two years? The same party which discharged numerous Navy SEALS for refusing to take the COVID vaccine, while Joe and his wife received all of them and still continued to get COVID.

So, my Democratic friends, receive illegals into your homes and show your commitment to your brain-absent commander, who sleeps in the White House basement or is on constant vacation. Show the world you care and bus the illegal hoard to Martha’s Vineyard, where the Obamas live on 37 acres in a mansion valued at over $12 million, along with other rich and famous celebs. Alas and lack, we will never through their hypocrisy see this happen. Be mindful of what you wish for, as reality creates rude awakenings.

Leslie J. Kubinski



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