Letter: NFL’s officiating leaves a lot to be desired

Well, here we go again.

In Sunday’s officiation of the NFL’s games, there was the hold that wasn’t, the punt that hit the scoreboard that didn’t, the official at the line of scrimmage who took a nap and then suddenly woke up when time was running out for the other team. I could go on and on, but I’m limited to 275 words.

I, for one, would be more than willing to support a one-game boycott of all NFL games with no one in the stands and no viewers on TV. I am not a season ticket holder, unlike offensive linemen assigned to stop Miles Garrett. I think the officials still remember one of them getting knocked on his butt after hitting a Browns player with a flag, or perhaps it was the beer bottle game that has caused, you guessed it, another bad call.

I know very little about soccer or hockey, but I’m willing to learn. That way, I might save myself from a bleeding ulcer or a massive coronary. There are enough bleeding ulcers in the world — they wear striped shirts and have whistles.

Dave Frantz



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