Letter: Try changing your food combinations

This article is about the damages certain food combinations can do to harm your body.

I no longer eat these foods — strawberries, bananas or corn — as the pesticide load is unhealthy.

Peanuts and cashews have lots of aflatoxins, and eating them makes me feel sluggish.

I searched the work of Dr. Steven Grundy. He taught me that I was allergic to night shades, such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes and lectins, all beans including green beans.

This combination makes holes in your intestines that are only one cell thick, letting undigested bits of food into your bloodstream. Your body has to protect you from this invasion that may become toxic by putting it inside a ball of fat and parking someplace in your body.

Try an elimination diet; stop eating what is hurting you for six weeks and see if you feel better.

Another harmful item is rough prions, which are caused by overheating meat or reheating any protein. Avoiding this and spicy foods may increase your life by 30 years. It’s just an observation after reading all the below-60 obituaries for the past few years.

Kyle Nienberg



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