Letter: Kennedy is a justice who stays in her lane

There is a disregard of our U.S. and Ohio Constitutions. Once a country that adhered to “innocent until proven guilty” allows public opinion to replace fact. Police are asked to do more beyond “protect and serve.” Judges rule without any judicial restraint. The judicial system is unfair.

Yet there are good citizens that continue to want to serve us and do what is right. One of those citizens is Justice Sharon Kennedy.

Justice Kennedy is asking us to support her as Ohio’s chief justice. She brings experience, competency, thoughtfulness and integrity with her every day to the office. She started as a police officer; decided to go to law school, while working; and went into private practice. She has written programs on professionalism and ethics. She educates judges regarding federal laws and cases. She educates students on the importance of the Ohio Supreme Court related to everyday life.

Her most salient body of work, in my opinion, is creating a pathway for our returned home veterans who find themselves lost in civilian life, attempting to integrate in a society that wants to lock them up instead of treating them.

Justice Kennedy assists current court systems on how to set up veteran treatment courts tailored to the needs of veterans. It’s called “Lean Forward.” This initiative educates sheriffs, police, judges, magistrates, probation and parole officers about treatment resources available for justice-involved veterans.

Justice Kennedy applies the law as it is written. She stays in her lane. Ohio would be served well by voting Justice Sharon Kennedy to chief justice of the Ohio Supreme Court.

Catheryn Sarno



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