Letter: Stone piles obscure roundabout traffic

As a driver who travels on state Route 309 quite often, I am appreciative of the construction of the two new roundabouts between Lima and Ada at the intersections of Thayer/309 and Napoleon/309. Both of these intersections have been deadly to many.

However, it has been difficult for me to see the traffic that is already in both roundabouts, and thus yield to it, because decorative stones have been mounded up in the circles in the centers of both intersections. The stones are piled to a height that obscures the view of oncoming traffic already in the circle.

Personally, I feel as if these intersections will prove to be just as dangerous as they were before the roundabouts were built, unless these stones are lowered to a height at which we can see oncoming cars far enough ahead to avoid pulling out in front of them. Is it just me? What’s the reason for these piles of stones?

Rebecca Casey



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