Letter: Adding to the list on why Lima’s great

I would like to compliment Maha Zehery on her recent column. What a positive attitude toward Lima. And how nice to read such a positive view of it, in a world where there are so many negative attitudes about everything.

I would like to add a few things. We are fortunate to have so many people who are willing to volunteer at the two hospitals, nursing homes, schools, sports events and benefits. How many times do we see on the news or in the paper where a benefit is going on to help an individual or family in need, and chicken dinners or raffle tickets are sold. The citizens step up and buy the products.

We have people who pay for other patrons’ meals in restaurants or in line in a drive-thru. We have businesses who donate money, prizes, etc. for different fundraisers.

We have great parks in our area, and they are always kept up nicely. The Johnny Appleseed Metro Parks District does a super job. We have our choice of nursing homes. We have a great Senior Center and pool for people over 50, and it offers great bus trips. We have the Elderly Day Care Center and the Allen County Council on Aging.

We have a wonderful fairgrounds, one of the nicest in the state. We have excellent schools in Lima and in the area, and throughout the year they offer many sporting events, concerts and plays.

We have young people who step up and help at the food bank, the Daily Bread meal site and others.

We still have a newspaper.

We have many great doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers and clinics.

We truly live in a great town.

Sharon “Sam” Moening



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