Letter: Prepare for the end times

Linda Law, Wapakoneta

As I got into my morning prayer I looked out the window and tears filled my eyes.

My heart aches for everyone who is affected by all this rain. Be it the farmers and their crops, to businesses, or to all whom the flooding has touched, to even the one’s who suffer horrific daily pain.

I look to our father and thank him that no matter what it is that we are all going through that we are not doing it alone. He allows so many things to happen in our lives so that we will turn to him for our help and strength and knowing this leads me to share what he spoke to my heart several weeks ago.

I love the book of Revelation and all the Old Testament books written by the prophets of that time that foretold of the coming of the Christ. Of all the things that God has allowed to happen from the beginning to our present day he never did so without previous warnings.

But the one thing he foretold, and even his son Jesus told his disciples, was the Resurrection and the return. Even knowing this, where were they all when it actually happened? He said, “I am coming soon and no one is ready.”

We tell ourselves that we are saved and ready but are we really? Are we looking up with great expectation and sharing the good news of his return? I fear not when I look at all those around me who have no hope. What am I doing to reach out to them? Am I being bold and sharing the Gospel or am I afraid of offending them and keeping the news to myself?

If you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior then share it with someone today and if you don’t please call out to him now. Time is short and I don’t want to be hiding when my father turns to his son, Jesus, and says “Go get my church and prepare.”