Letter: Citizens must educate themselves before voting

Every day I hear people ask, “How can there be a shortage of baby formula?” They look to blame someone, including the government.

The ones to blame are the voters of the last 50 years, the people who wanted all the regulations that the federal, state and local governments have put on these businesses. No one can afford to open a new formula factory; it would take years of time to get FDA approval.

When you vote, it’s your duty to know what these candidates stand for. When you ask the government to oversee every aspect of your life, this is what you get.

You want them to make formula now? That’s communism.

I hear people who voted for Biden in this last election complaining about the gas prices. Are you kidding me? The Democrats have been talking about getting rid of fossil fuels for two years, and you missed that. You missed that they wanted to stop fracking, cut off-shore drilling, stop pipelines? And you thought that wouldn’t raise prices?

Quit shirking your responsibility as a voter, learn what these candidates stand for. Before you vote for a levy, find out what those agencies are doing with your money! Have they been fiscally responsible? Vote for what’s best for all, not because you like the way he looks or is of a certain party affiliation. This is your life and our children’s and grandchildren’ future, be sure what you’re voting for. Get informed.

People think that drug companies are all gouging us on medication, except that company, because of the FDA, has to have 10 years of studies for approval and spend their money to do it. The drug company is going to recoup its cost. You, the voter, are to blame.

You let these bureaucrats with these terrible ideas make laws that cost all of us. Please use your vote wisely.

Robert Burkholder