Letter: Nice to know help was there

On June 7, I went to Meijer to get my groceries. I was having trouble with my breathing but thought I could do it.

After going to the back of the store, I needed to sit down and used my emergency inhaler and that made my heart beat faster. I sat there and waited, but I kept feeling worse so I stopped two of the employees and asked if they could help me. We started to the front of the store, but had to stop in the shoe department so I could sit down again.

Chelsea got me a bottle of water and Haley went in search of a wheelchair. I called my son who works at UNOH and he was able to come over right away. The girls pushed me to the front of the store and insisted on waiting with me until my son got there. Kim was close by also.

You girls were really special. God bless you.

— Avyce White, Lima

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