Letter: Utility works at own pace

We were without telephone service for 3 days, due to our wire having been cut, the first week of Novembr. Century Link finally sent someone out to fix it and when he found that the wire had been cut, he said that he didn’t have the equipment to splice it. He went to the post, which is on the other side of the road, and strung approximately 200 yards of wire from their post, up in a tree, across the road, down the road, up our driveway, across our double door garage and then down to their post where it comes into our home.

I have been given different dates that they’d be out to bury this wire but it still isn’t buried. I was told it would be 14 days and it’s been two months. Being elderly, we need to have the land line. They promised that we’d be credited for the three days of not having service and they haven’t done that either.

What Century Link needs in Lima is a good company that would give them competition.

— Marcella Jamison, Elida

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