Letter: Enjoyable story on Bill Sharp

I deeply enjoyed John Grindrod’s recent article about Lima native Bill Sharp and his professional baseball career.

I am a White Sox fan. I was present when Bill Sharp made his MLB debut, in a White Sox uniform, at a 1971 summer exhibition game against the Cubs. He had at least one hit, maybe two, memory fails and I cannot find a box score for that game, but I remember being very impressed by him.

I irked my then-girlfriend by repeatedly saying that Sharp was really sharp. He played two plus seasons for my beloved White Sox, set off the exploding score board eight times, hit decently, fielded decently, and played another season plus for the Brewers. I saw him play a number of times in 1973, 1974, and 1975 before he was traded. It is an accomplishment to play four seasons in MLB with the excellent reputation as a human being and teammate that Bill Sharp had; he was always spoken well of.

His observations, as shared in The Lima News article, were fascinating and insightful. Some things he said I knew, some I suspected, and some were new to me, and they all carried the feeling of authenticity. I did not know until I read the article that Bill Sharp was from Lima. I had a very good opinion of him before I read your article. He represented your city well, he represented my team well, and that was an enjoyable article to read. Thank you for sharing it with us.

— Rev. Vince Lavieri, St. Marys

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