Letter: Sheriff Chandler should be able to count

Sheriff Chandler says he has proven leadership skills managing an agency of 60 employees. A true leader would know how many employees they have. The answer is more than 80 at the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Chandler should also mention there are three division that a great deal of involvement in the proper management of the road patrol: dispatch, communications and corrections.

Sheriff Chandler has been sheriff for less than three years with no prior management skills or management experience prior to the election in which he defeated Sheriff Beutler. His involvement in providing drug awareness/education is limited to a couple meetings he attended while several other entities put the program(s) together.

I have been the chief of police of Columbus Grove since February 2012, a department of 3 full-time employees and 3 part-time employees that is much a smaller, but one I have managed professionally, earning and keeping the trust and the respect of the Columbus Grove citizens and business owners. I would like to ensure the citizens of Putnam County of my plans to work diligently for them and the future of Putnam County. While doing so, they deserve to be treated with respect and trust.

— Nick Gilgenbach, Columbus Grove

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