Letter: Walmart worker goes extra mile(s)

I know an angel was put in Walmart (east) the day of October 8, 2015.

I say this because I was shopping for batteries that day and couldn’t find the size needed. When I completed my shopping, I saw a store manager talking to an associate in the Lawn & Garden Department. I asked both of them about the batteries. The associate called Battery Warehouse. She asked me if I had a car. I told her no. She asked me if she could take me after she got off work. I first told her that I could find someone to take me. The manager told me to take the ride, so I did. I got my batteries at the Battery Warehouse that day. She is a person that does that sometimes.

I would like to say thank you to her as she was my angel that day. All she told me was to pass the kindness onto others.

Thank you and Walmart (east) for all they do for others in the community.

— Penney Ervin, Lima

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