Letter: Clear minds avoid drugs

I’m concerned about Issue 3 legalizing marijuana.

One senator went to Colorado where they have legalized “pot.” He was going to vote yes until he saw, firsthand, what was happening in Colorado. He said anyone (children included) could buy candy, cookies and all sorts of items laced with “pot.”

We think this state and country are in enough trouble with the stupid decisions made by our so called leaders. From the presidency, cabinet, supreme court and senate right on down who are supposed to be thinking clearly.

I would not like to see this state or country run by a bunch of people whose brains are fried by drugs and do not know which end is up. We personally knew two young men in Van Wert who were so strung out on drugs that they could not hold a job. Both of these young men died at a very young age. They came from good homes, their parents provided a good living, but it didn’t matter. Once these people became addicted to drugs, the drugs took over their very lives.

If there was a survey taken, I’d venture to guess that probably 90 percent to 95 percent of the people who use hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin began their drug use by smoking “Pot.”

I am asking all voters to think long and hard about Issue 3 before casting your vote. Ohio needs help, not drugs. We need clear thinking people, not individuals fogged up by drugs, which includes “pot.”

If I can recall correctly, Nikita Khrushchev said, “We will bury you without firing a shot.” Does this sound like something that could possibly happen if drugs become legalized? If this country becomes drugged out, anything could happen.

— Juanita Wise, Van Wert

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