Letter: Bradfield Center a true Lima gem

I am a student who attends Rhodes State majoring in human services. I received an invitation to hear the new executive director of the Bradfield Center, Kecia Hampshire Drake speak. She really does have some good ideas for the facility. I think it is safe to say that the Bradfield Center has been a staple in our community for years. It is aiming to bring in the whole community.

It already provides an after-50’s program which helps people get out and get some exercise. They have yoga on certain days of the week. The facility is sometimes rented out to folks having a party of some sort. The Center provides tutoring and some folks come in and read to the children and vice versa (volunteers welcome).

Mrs. Drake wants a chef to come in and teach people how and what they should cook. The center will help you get a GED if you need. There is a room for TVs, video games and the gym is beautiful. They have a program for mothers called Baby Steps. Mothers can receive counseling and they can explore more avenues to get the services they need. She really wants to focus on the children of Lima, with that being said, she wants to find 100 mentors to provide guidance and healthy relationships for 100 children. She is already up to 25.

There are a lot of people with Bradfield Center stories and Mrs. Drake would like to hear them. She has a project underway and it involves your Bradfield memories.

–Emma Hardesty, Lima

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