Letter: Obama serves U.S. with integrity

It’s about time that everyone recognize the integrity and righteousness of Obama (and by extension the Democratic Party). Faced with the Iran deal and previously faced with the abhorrent actions of Netanyahu, Obama stuck to his guns and acted the proper way to ease international tensions and secure the entire political landscape.

The Jewish vote is very important and reflects a significant voting bloc. Despite the guarantee of losing votes and support, for the good of America and of the world, Obama went forward with the Iran deal. He could have caved in and without the US’s support, the deal wouldn’t have gone through and we’d all be considerably more in jeopardy.

He’s the kind of leader that’s needed. The Democratic Party with their integrity and desire to do the right thing, regardless of the consequences is what’s necessary.

On the other side, we see candidates ranked No. 1 who lie and deceive and promote the birther excuse (knowing full well that it’s not true), answer questions prefaced with the statement that Obama is a Muslim (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and the whole lot continues to regurgitate the proven nonsense of Benghazi, the ‘email scandal’ and the Planned Parenthood video farce.

The candidates are deliberately relaying false information.

— Douglas Karel, Lima

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