Letter: Beware of a man in a pope’s robe

This pope is proving to be quite controversial.

He is on record for giving priests and bishops the rite to absolve women’s sin of abortion ( murder). He is also on record for absolving pedophelia among the priesthood. He has given Palestine statehood and favors a two state solution for Israel.

In 2013, during Easter High Mass at the Vatican, he openly praised Satan and said Jesus Christ is “Lucifer’s Son.”

Pope Francis has told people that the Bible and Quran are the same: as is Christianity and Islam. All lies.

This pope is on record for encouraging the acceptance and injection of the RFID chip. Under no circumstances accept the RFID chip! I don’t care what you may be told. The RFID chip is the Revelation 13: 16-17 Mark of the Beast. Once you accept this RFID chip you will have sold your soul to satan and there will be no going back to Jesus.

This pope is the Black pope Saint Malachy foretold of many centuries ago. He is the False Prophet who is leading the World into the new world order and the introduction of the Antichrist.

Now is your time to accept Jesus. Time is short; we are in the last seconds of the last days. Ask Him into your heart now. Tomorrow may be too late. He loves you. He cleansed every sin you ever committed on the cross. He is waiting. Don’t tarry—Tribulation will be Hell on earth!

— Sheila Freund, Lima

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