Letter: Look at me, vote no on Issue 3

I was born in 1962 and remember watching reports on television about the Vietnam War. It was a turbulent time. A lot of energy was spent on voicing opinions of the war. I was neglected in my opinions because I was too young at the time.

We are the forgotten generation. People did not know what to do with us as they wanted the whole thing to go away. So when the issue of pot came up no one knew what to do. I smoked pot, alot of pot. I laugh that crack cocaine is such a big issue. We laced or joints with cocaine long before it was any issue at all.

Now I am dealing with issues of my choices. You know a man does reap what he sows. Short term memory loss, mood swings that change within one sentence (my wife is a treasure for putting up with me), voices, I fear the future.

Yes I believe these things were caused by pot. The banner of individual rights is a heavy one and one that does not bring freedom but slavery. I think it is insane to give people that freedom. We are not a responsible people. Thank you for you time. I would like to say I will remember typing this letter but I may not unless the voices remind me that I did so.

— Jim Cave, Spencerville

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