Letter: Fed up with national media

National TV Media

Night after night, the national TV media presents the best information they can find, and produce a 30-minute show for all to see. They claim it’s the very best that they can produce. They believe that the most important stories are those of tragic occurrences where pain and suffering is a common theme. Other regular favorites include bombings, personal failures, crime, and of course murder. Luckily, we get commercial breaks, where the pharmaceutical companies get all the commercials (they can best afford the national coverage), so we can learn how to get new drugs.

Is this the USA that we aspire to be and see?

Well, here’s a few alternatives for the national media to try. It might even improve the world some – instead of adding fear, sorrow and depression.

• Stories of personal growth

• Stories of successful inner city school systems

• Stories inspiring leadership

• Stories of hope and optimism

• Stories how people beat addictions

• Try being unbiased on interviews: It takes a professional not to ask cheap questions that are designed to separate others

• Change attitudes (be less antagonistic toward people)

• Good news emphasis on our economy

• Stories where the USA supports those in need

• Stories of love

We as a people deserve the above concepts. Is there a national media leader out there somewhere? Anywhere? Make a change for the news that isiImportant for all of Us!!! You May Like Very Much How We React.

This message does not involve our local WLIO Team – who do an excellent job in my view!

— Bill Stolly, Lima

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